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Boxing Technique, Boxing Gear, Boxing Tip… The Jab!

In boxing, there are four basic punches:

  • The Jab
  • Straight Right/Left Hand
  • The Hook
  • The Uppercut

If you are right-handed, your right hand is your rear hand, and your left leads. With left-handed boxers (southpaw) the positions are opposite.

The Jab

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The lead fist is thrown straight forward from the guard position, rotating 90 degrees and is horizontal on impact (palm facing the ground). Your rear hand remains behind and is used to guard your jaw. As the punch reaches full extension, you can guard your chin with your lead shoulder. After you punch ’em, the lead hand is quickly brought back to guard your face. This punch is regarded as your most important punch. It supplies a bit of cover for itself and leaves the smallest amount of space for your opponent to counter punch you. It also has the biggest reach of any punch and doesn’t require big weight transfers or commitment.

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Better Protection with Above Eye Level Jab

Because of it’s relatively poor power, it’s often used to gauge distances, test an opponent defense, harass or as a set up for bigger and better punches. However, you can also knockout your opponent with a powerful jab!  With a half-step, you can get more power.  To get a powerful jab, you must use your whole body, not just your arm.

Wladimir Klitschko & Larry Holmes have been able to get some power into their jabs and can use them to wear down their opponents.  Muhammad Ali used the jab extensively.  In fact, a good boxer can win with just the jab!


  • When you throw your jab above eye level, you provide nice protection to your head.
  • Start with your fists relaxed, but clench your lead fist just before impact
  • Thrust your shoulder into the jab punch

So, get some boxing gloves, hand wraps, and a punching bag and start practicing your all-important jab!


Boxing News, History of Boxing… And More Boxing Stuff!

Vic Darchinyan Beats Yonnhy Perez


Video Courtesy of shosports

Vic Darchinyan and Yonnhy Perez’s fight was stopped in the 5th round due to a cut close to Perez’s eye.  The cut was a result of an accidental head butt and Darchinyan was declared winner, after consulting the scorecards.

Darchinyan (36-3-1, 27 & KO) totally dominated Perez (20-2-1, with 14 Knockouts) and won with 3 matching scorecards of 50-44.  He executed many severe lefts in his remarkable performance.

Dr. Paul Wallace terminated the fight quickly after examining the injury and said that Perez had suffered an arterial cut and that the blood was pumping directly into his eye.  However, Perez apparently did not want to stop.



Videos courtesy of claviculatyson1

Now, some Boxing History…

Boxing has it’s roots deep in history.  Sumerian relief carvings from the 3rd millennium BC depict bare-fist fighting, while 2nd millennium ancient Egyptian relief show

fist-fighters (also bare-fisted) and spectators.  The earliest evidence of fist fighting with any kind of gloves comes from Minoan Crete and Sardinia.

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 Homer’s Iliad features the first detailed chronicle of a boxing fight.  In 688 BC, boxing (called Pygme or Pygmachia) was first accepted as an Olympic sport.  Talk about an old sport!

As always… more later!  =)


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Mega Heavyweight Fight, More Boxing News, & Boxing Gear Sale!

Mega Heavyweight Fight to Take Place – Klitschko vs. Haye

Fight is scheduled to take place on July 2ndat the new, 55,000 seat, Hamburg Imtech Arena in Berlin, Germany, which is the home arena for the German Bundesligasoccer

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Wladimir Klitschko

club Hamburg SV. It’s expected to air on more than 150 TV stations around the world, either live or delayed.

Klitschko(35 years old, 55-3, with 49 knockouts) and Haye (30 years old, 25-1 and 23 Knockouts) have a bit of a feud going on, so this fight should be  interesting.

Klitschko is happy that he’ll finally be able to meet Haye in the ring, and declares that his abdominal injury has healed and won’t get in the way of his training.

Haye has always said he’d knock out Wladimir Klitschko, and then his brother Vitali to end his boxing career at a high point. Hayes also declares that Klitschko has “only fought wimps and cowards” and that he’ll show him what it’s like to fight a “real champion”. Hope he hasn’t stuck his foot in his mouth…. I guess we’ll find out on July 2nd, if all goes as planned.

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David Haye

  • Bantamweight title-holder Joseph Agbeko is out due to sciatica (set of symptoms cause by injury / irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve area.) and therefore is unable to defend his title against Abner Mares. It’s hoped that the bout will be re-scheduled.

  • Instead of the Agbeko-Mares fight, Perez (20-1-1, 14 Knockouts) and Darchinyan (35-3-1, 27 Knockouts) will take center stage.

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Ultimate Fighting Source! Boxing, Fight News, Muay Thai, Boxing Gear, MMA, Combat Sports… & Much More! First: What is Boxing?

Welcome to Ultimate Fighting Source! Your Combat Sports Source…

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So, Let’s get started…

First, What is Boxing?

Boxing is a competitive sport where 2 people fight with their fists. A winner is declared when 1 of 4 things happens:

1. Fighter is knocked out, or can’t get up on the count of 10 (Knockout / KO)

2. Boxer is injured and deemed unable to continue fight (Technical Knockout / TKO)

3. A rule is broken.

4. If the boxing match continues through a pre-determined number of rounds, the referee or judge’s scorecards decide the match.

Next, we’ll start to explore into boxing’s history, begin technique stuff, styles, rules, MMA, boxing gear, boxing news and more!  So be sure to bookmark Ultimate Fighting Source in your favorites and check back often!