Boxing Technique, Boxing Gear, Boxing Tip… The Jab!

In boxing, there are four basic punches:

  • The Jab
  • Straight Right/Left Hand
  • The Hook
  • The Uppercut

If you are right-handed, your right hand is your rear hand, and your left leads. With left-handed boxers (southpaw) the positions are opposite.

The Jab

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The lead fist is thrown straight forward from the guard position, rotating 90 degrees and is horizontal on impact (palm facing the ground). Your rear hand remains behind and is used to guard your jaw. As the punch reaches full extension, you can guard your chin with your lead shoulder. After you punch ’em, the lead hand is quickly brought back to guard your face. This punch is regarded as your most important punch. It supplies a bit of cover for itself and leaves the smallest amount of space for your opponent to counter punch you. It also has the biggest reach of any punch and doesn’t require big weight transfers or commitment.

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Better Protection with Above Eye Level Jab

Because of it’s relatively poor power, it’s often used to gauge distances, test an opponent defense, harass or as a set up for bigger and better punches. However, you can also knockout your opponent with a powerful jab!  With a half-step, you can get more power.  To get a powerful jab, you must use your whole body, not just your arm.

Wladimir Klitschko & Larry Holmes have been able to get some power into their jabs and can use them to wear down their opponents.  Muhammad Ali used the jab extensively.  In fact, a good boxer can win with just the jab!


  • When you throw your jab above eye level, you provide nice protection to your head.
  • Start with your fists relaxed, but clench your lead fist just before impact
  • Thrust your shoulder into the jab punch

So, get some boxing gloves, hand wraps, and a punching bag and start practicing your all-important jab!


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