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Pac-Man Defeats Mosley

Pacquiao easily beat “Sugar” Shane Mosley last Saturday… so the good, interesting fight wasn’t all that was hoped for. Shane Mosley kept himself from getting knocked out, while Pac-Man’s performance wasn’t too good, although adequate. Unfortunately, Manny was suffering from a cramp in his leg, which hampered him. Pacquiao took home $20 million, while Mosley isn’t suffering with his $5 million.

David Haye has vowed to show to us all that Wladimir Klitschko is a “fraud” in their fight on July 2nd. Klitschko and Haye will be splitting the money 50 / 50 and Klitschko adds that Haye will be getting a really big check… to be the 50th KO! So the saga continues… Haye is still digging that hole & Klitschko isn’t going to be happy if there is another cancellation.

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MMA Fighter Nick Diaz

Evander Holyfield won in the 10th round last Saturday night, with a TKO. Holyfield stated that it was a tough fight. Nielson disagreed with the TKO decision, and suggested a rematch, which Holyfield declined.

Nick Diaz to possibly box Jeff Lacy this fall. If this match happens, it’ll be the first “elite mixed martial artist vs. established boxer” fight.

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Jeff Lacy

The Boxing Hook

Knock your opponent out with this boxing punch! With your lead head, throw a semi-circular punch to smash into your unfortunate opponent’s head. Once again, use that rear hand to guard. Rotate your torso and hips to propel your fist in a tight arc to the target. Also, pivot your lead foot clockwise as well, turning your left heel outwards. Pull that lead had quickly back (important, as you are very vulnerable to a straight right), and weave / bob to help avoid your opponent’s return punch(es). A rip is a boxing hook to the body, instead of the head. The boxing hook can also be performed with the rear hand. Grab your boxing gear & equipment and start utilizing that punching bag!!


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