Boxing News… Miranda & Green Returning, Pavlik Victorious, Jorge Arce Beats Wilfredo Vazquez Jr., Boxing Punch – The Uppercut, Boxing Gear & Boxing Equipment

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Edison Miranda

Edison Miranda and Allan Green to return to the title scene. Miranda hasn’t fought since April, 2010 when he lost to Lucian Bute in the 3rd round and we don’t know yet who he’s going to fight in his scheduled 8 round battle. Green is to fight an 8-rounder as well, against Dhafir Smith… fights are to take place in the Super Six World Boxing Classic Semifinals June 4th, in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Miguel Angel “Mikey” Garcia passes up a world title fight with Billy Dib. Instead, he will be on HBO… deciding that a fight with Dib wouldn’t be too enjoyable for fans, even though Mikey would have enjoyed going for that title.

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Kelly Pavlik

After being out of the ring for 13 months, former middleweight champ Kelly Pavlik has returned to a victory over Alfonso Lopez last Saturday night. Fight took place in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Pavlik was rusty, but was able to win by a majority decision.

Jorge Arce, (57-6-2, 44 knockouts) of Mexico, suffered an early knockdown against Puerto Rico’s Wilfredo Vazquez Jr., but came back to win in the 12th round, making Arce a three-division world titleholder. Vazquez took a beating before Tutico Zabala Jr., one of Vazquez’s cornermen and also his co-promoter, intervened.

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Jorge Arce

The Uppercut

This vertical, rising boxing punch aims for your opponent’s chin, and is thrown with your rear hand. Start with your knees slightly bent, rear leg being bent just a bit more that your lead leg. Keeping your elbows in, thrust your rear hand in an upward arc to connect with your opponent’s chin, etc. as you push up with your knees for more power. Transfer your weight from your rear foot to your lead foot, use your hips & torso (strong core muscles)… also, your rear heel turns outwards. You want to lift your opponent up – get him off-balance, and / or get his chin up for a good shot! Bury your chin, and guard it with your lead hand. Quickly bring your rear hand back to guard after your uppercut.


  • Rotate your hand
  • Don’t Reach – Stay Close and don’t aim too high
  • Use your upper body – drop your lead shoulder slightly & lean just a little. Don’t be too obvious, you want to surprise your opponent.

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