Boxing News: Bernard Hopkins vs. Chad Dawson, Amir Khan vs. Zab Judah, Punching Bags, Micheal Katsidis vs. Graham Earl, Boxing Gear & Boxing Equipment

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Amir Khan

Bernard Hopkins to defend his newly won title. Negotiations began after Chad Dawson’s promoter was contacted by Richard Schaefer (Hopkins’ promoter), on Wed. May 25th, after Hopkins big win on May 21st. They are looking for the highest payer to decide where this fight will be held. Big Fight coming up this summer!

Junior welterweight titles to be unified. Date: July 23rd… Place: Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas… Fighters: Amir Khan vs. Zab Judah.

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Zab Judah

Miguel Angel “Mikey” Garcia had a last-minute change in his schedule this week. Wednesday, June 1st, he found out that he will not be facing Miguel Beltran Jr. Instead, he will fight the 10 round battle with Rafael Guzman this Saturday. Miguel suffered a fractured left hand last week, but was just diagnosed recently. Beltran was to earn 75k.

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Micheal Katsidis

Slugfest #2… Coming Right Up: Micheal Katsidis and Graham Earl will fight again in August. The bout will take place at a yet to be determined site in Australia. Katsidis’ last fight with Earl launched him to stardom and since he has lost 2 fights in a row… what better way to get back in the game with another spectacular fight & win against Earl? Earl has wanted a rematch since the last fight, and now he has it! Earl is promising a fight worth paying good money for…



Boxing Techniques

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Graham Earl

Now that we’ve look at 4 basic boxing punches we’ll take a quick look at combos. Any of these 4 boxing punches can be used quickly one after the other to form a combo. A very common combo is the jab and cross combo, nicknamed the “one-two combo”.

Unconventional Punches

– Refered to as a roundhouse, haymaker or sucker-punch. This large, swinging circular punch is delivered from a cocked-back position, with your arm at a very long extension. Body weight and centripetal force can make this often wild and uncontrolled punch powerful, but vulnerable as the boxer is often left off-balance & having an open guard. Trainers regard this punch as a mark of poor technique or desperation. You might finish off your already reeling opponent with this punch, but be careful!

– The Bolo Punch… swing your arm ’round and ’round in a big arc to distract your opponent, then punch him with either hand.

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