More Boxing News… Julio Cesar Chavez Emerges Victorious, Flo Simba is Defeated, Boxing Equipment, Richard Hall KO’s O’Neil Bell Quickly, Carl Froch Beats Glen Johnson, Boxing Gear, Boxing Training & More!

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Defeats Sebastian Zbik by decision, winning a middleweight title. Zbik was dominating early in the fight, but Chavez kept coming forward, landing some body shots and pulled ahead in the end.

Heavyweight Flo Simba, of South Africa, wasn’t able to win against Francois Botha last Saturday… it was his first defeat in 11 professional fights. Simba started well, but Botha landed to big right hands and then a combo in the sixth to win the fight.

Richard Hall, former light-heavyweight contender, KO’d former cruiserweight champ O’Neil Bell in the second round last Saturday night. Hall put Bell in the corner early on, and gave him a formidable left, followed by 2 more shots, after which the referee stopped the fight 1 minute, 58 seconds into the 2nd round.

Sean McGoldrick wins Gold Medal. He was awarded the gold medal after Manju Wanniarachchi, of Sri Lankan, was stripped of it due to positive drugs test. Wanniarachchi tested positive for 19-Norandrosterone. Botswana’s Tirafalo Seoko get the silver medal. Louis Julie retains a bronze. Kenyan Nichols Okoth will receive the other bronze.

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Zsolt Edrei

Zsolt Erdei knocked out Byron Mitchell on Saturday. Quick hands and accurate punches tore apart Mitchell, ending the fight in the sixth round. Erdei walked all over Mitchell. Erdei is hoping for a bout against Bernard Hopkins.

Carl Froch didn’t win every round, as he said he would, but he did good enough to keep his super middleweight title and advance to the final of the Super Six W.B.C. His opponent was Glen Johnson.

Boxing Training – Basic Defense Moves

Slipping – rotate your body just slightly so that punch misses your head. Sharply rotate your hips and shoulders when the punch comes at you. This will turn your chin sideways and allow their punch to “slip” past, hence the name.

To “sway” or “fade” is when you move your upper body or head back so that your opponents punch will miss, or be greatly weaker in strength. You must be able to see the punch before it comes. Also called “rolling with the punch” or “riding the punch”.

Break or Duck; drop down keeping your back straight making the punch miss entirely, or at least glancing off.

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