Robert Guerrero Will Fight Marcos Maidana, Cristobal Arreola Fight, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez?, Quit Your Belly-Aching, Haye! … & More…

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Marcos Maidana

Confirmed: Robert Guerrero will indeed fight Marcos Maidana. Guerrero said of the August 27th bout “I think it the biggest one so far and I think it’s the most dangerous one so far, too.” Guerrero is super-excited about moving up in weight for this fight. Maidana will train in Puerto Rico, and exclaims that this fight will be a tough one, but that he will win.

Cristobal Arreola will fight again on July 9th, in Atlantic City, N.J. This will be his fourth fight this year, and he fought twice in May! He will contend with Friday Ahunanya.

 2 undercard fights canceled… for the 2nd time! Lamont Peterson vs. Victor Cayo – promoter issues.ill possibly be July 5th. Joel “Love Child” Julio vs. Antwone Smith was called off due to a family emergency.

Cristobal Arreola | Boxing Gear, Punching Bag, Boxing Glove, Boxing News,
Cristobal Arreola

Bob Arum is ready for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. face Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, provided that Golden Boy is interested in co-promotion. However, Arum states that he doesn’t think Canelo’s team is ready for it.

 Haye is belly-aching about the referee choice! Their fight takes place next Saturday, in Germany. Genaro Rodriquez is the un-appreciated referee, with perfectly fine credentials. However, he has officiated for 4 of Klitschko’s previous fights… hopefully, this won’t be a lame excuse for Haye to pull out, especially after all the tough-guy talking Haye has done.

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