Jermain Taylor is Returning! Floyd Mayweather Sued, Haye vs. Klitschko Saga Continues, Felix Sturm Barely Keeps Title, Mayweather “Absolutely” Wants to Face Manny Pacquiao, Boxing Gear & Boxing Equipment

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Jermain Taylor

Jermain Taylor Returns! After suffering a severe head injury nearly 2 years ago, he is returning with a clean bill of health. His trainer is Pat Burns, and he’ll be in the 160-pound middleweight division. He might be fighting August 13th.

 Floyd Mayweather sued. 21-year-old Anthony Cliff, of Las Vegas, claims that Mayweather had his bodyguards attack him after asking about a match against Pacquiao. He’s being charged with assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress as well as negligent hiring, training, supervision and retention of employees. However, this all happened on March 27, 2010. Why didn’t this guy press charges sooner? What next?

 “I will absolutely destroy him” says David Haye. Once again, David Haye is full of words… saying that he will send Klitschko to the hospital, and it’s going to be a “brutal execution”. However, Klitschko promised to make Haye eat his (famous or infamous?!) t-shirt showing himself holding the Klitschko brothers severed heads, and, that he will knock Haye into reality, which will be good for him. Plus, he’ll have better manners! Meanwhile, Haye showed up 45 minutes late to the news conference, which received a “Be on time, princess” comment from Klitschko. There is a light at the end of the tunnel – the fight is this Saturday!

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Felix Sturm

Felix Sturm keeps his WBA middleweight title after a split-decision win. 2 judges had 116-112 for Sturm, and the other scored 115-113 in favor of the opponent, Matthew Macklin. This is Sturm’s 10th successful defense since his loss and regaining of the title to Javier Castillejo.

 Mayweather “Absolutely” Wants to Face Pacquiao. At his press conference, for his September 17th fight with Victor Ortiz, he said that “Floyd doesn’t duck or dodge no-one” and also that he never once said that Manny is cheating. Only that he must take the drug tests.

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