Wladimir Klitschko Easily Defeats Haye, MMA Fighter Kimbo Slice To Take Up Boxing, Boxing Gear, Thailand Boxers May Not Fight in Olympics, Boxing Equipment, More Mayweather vs. Pacquiao & More Boxing News…

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The Victorious Klitschko!

Wladimir Klitschko dominated Haye in the big, hyped-up fight on Saturday. Haye’s talk was big, but unfortunately, he didn’t deliver. However, he was sure to inform us that it was due to a hurt toe. Quick recap / news bits on the fight:

  • Haye did a bunch of falling, and finally got penalized for it.
  • Of Klitschko’s last 9 fights, Haye is the second opponent to have heard the final bell – not exactly what Klitschko was hoping for.
  • Klitschko, the “boring” fighter (according to Haye), threw close to twice as many punches as Haye himself (Klitschko threw 509; 134 landed vs. Haye’s 290; 72 successful).
  • This is Wladimir Klitschko’s 14th straight win
  • The Klitschko brothers now hold all the major heavyweight title belts
  • Both fighters were on their guard, not wanting to be knocked out.

Mayweather will only fight Pac-Man only if there is random blood and urine testing, which Pacquiao’s team is currently unwilling to do. Of course, Mayweather must fact Ortiz first… and Ortiz declares there is only one problem with Mayweather’s plan to fight Pacquiao next, and that is that he will be Pacquiao’s next opponent!

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John Murray

Thailand’s boxers might miss the Olympics next year because of a election issue. The International Boxing Association (AIBA) expelled the Amateur Boxing Association of Thailand because they hadn’t called new elections by the end of June. The March elections had cause for concern over whether all was fair and right.



Kevin Mitchell; Find Your Name-Brand Boxing Equipment at Discount Prices at BensBoxingGear.com

Kevin Mitchell

John Murray vs. Kevin Mitchell postponed due to Mitchell’s viral infection trouble, which cost him almost a week of training time. The fight was to take place this Saturday, July 9th, but is re-scheduled for one week later on July 16th. Mitchell wants to fight Murray when he’s “fully fight fit so there are not excuses”. Way to go Mitchell!

 MMA fighter Kimbo Slice will make his boxing debut, against an opponent-to-be-determined, on August 13th. The four-round heavyweight fight will be untelevised in Miami, Oklahoma. Kimbo, who’s real name is Kevin Ferguson, is 6′ 2” and 225 pounds. Put this guy in the back of your mind… we may be hearing lots more of him.

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Kimbo Slice

Jhonny Gonzalez get new opponent. Gonzalez’s first title defense will still be this coming Saturday, but will be against Tomas Villa in Atlantic City, N.J. He was to fight Roinet Caballero in Gurrero, Mexico but Caballero dropped out due to a visa issue.

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