More Boxing News… Julio Cesar Chavez Emerges Victorious, Flo Simba is Defeated, Boxing Equipment, Richard Hall KO’s O’Neil Bell Quickly, Carl Froch Beats Glen Johnson, Boxing Gear, Boxing Training & More!

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Defeats Sebastian Zbik by decision, winning a middleweight title. Zbik was dominating early in the fight, but Chavez kept coming forward, landing some body shots and pulled ahead in the end.

Heavyweight Flo Simba, of South Africa, wasn’t able to win against Francois Botha last Saturday… it was his first defeat in 11 professional fights. Simba started well, but Botha landed to big right hands and then a combo in the sixth to win the fight.

Richard Hall, former light-heavyweight contender, KO’d former cruiserweight champ O’Neil Bell in the second round last Saturday night. Hall put Bell in the corner early on, and gave him a formidable left, followed by 2 more shots, after which the referee stopped the fight 1 minute, 58 seconds into the 2nd round.

Sean McGoldrick wins Gold Medal. He was awarded the gold medal after Manju Wanniarachchi, of Sri Lankan, was stripped of it due to positive drugs test. Wanniarachchi tested positive for 19-Norandrosterone. Botswana’s Tirafalo Seoko get the silver medal. Louis Julie retains a bronze. Kenyan Nichols Okoth will receive the other bronze.

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Zsolt Edrei

Zsolt Erdei knocked out Byron Mitchell on Saturday. Quick hands and accurate punches tore apart Mitchell, ending the fight in the sixth round. Erdei walked all over Mitchell. Erdei is hoping for a bout against Bernard Hopkins.

Carl Froch didn’t win every round, as he said he would, but he did good enough to keep his super middleweight title and advance to the final of the Super Six W.B.C. His opponent was Glen Johnson.

Boxing Training – Basic Defense Moves

Slipping – rotate your body just slightly so that punch misses your head. Sharply rotate your hips and shoulders when the punch comes at you. This will turn your chin sideways and allow their punch to “slip” past, hence the name.

To “sway” or “fade” is when you move your upper body or head back so that your opponents punch will miss, or be greatly weaker in strength. You must be able to see the punch before it comes. Also called “rolling with the punch” or “riding the punch”.

Break or Duck; drop down keeping your back straight making the punch miss entirely, or at least glancing off.

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Boxing News: Bernard Hopkins vs. Chad Dawson, Amir Khan vs. Zab Judah, Punching Bags, Micheal Katsidis vs. Graham Earl, Boxing Gear & Boxing Equipment

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Amir Khan

Bernard Hopkins to defend his newly won title. Negotiations began after Chad Dawson’s promoter was contacted by Richard Schaefer (Hopkins’ promoter), on Wed. May 25th, after Hopkins big win on May 21st. They are looking for the highest payer to decide where this fight will be held. Big Fight coming up this summer!

Junior welterweight titles to be unified. Date: July 23rd… Place: Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas… Fighters: Amir Khan vs. Zab Judah.

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Zab Judah

Miguel Angel “Mikey” Garcia had a last-minute change in his schedule this week. Wednesday, June 1st, he found out that he will not be facing Miguel Beltran Jr. Instead, he will fight the 10 round battle with Rafael Guzman this Saturday. Miguel suffered a fractured left hand last week, but was just diagnosed recently. Beltran was to earn 75k.

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Micheal Katsidis

Slugfest #2… Coming Right Up: Micheal Katsidis and Graham Earl will fight again in August. The bout will take place at a yet to be determined site in Australia. Katsidis’ last fight with Earl launched him to stardom and since he has lost 2 fights in a row… what better way to get back in the game with another spectacular fight & win against Earl? Earl has wanted a rematch since the last fight, and now he has it! Earl is promising a fight worth paying good money for…



Boxing Techniques

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Graham Earl

Now that we’ve look at 4 basic boxing punches we’ll take a quick look at combos. Any of these 4 boxing punches can be used quickly one after the other to form a combo. A very common combo is the jab and cross combo, nicknamed the “one-two combo”.

Unconventional Punches

– Refered to as a roundhouse, haymaker or sucker-punch. This large, swinging circular punch is delivered from a cocked-back position, with your arm at a very long extension. Body weight and centripetal force can make this often wild and uncontrolled punch powerful, but vulnerable as the boxer is often left off-balance & having an open guard. Trainers regard this punch as a mark of poor technique or desperation. You might finish off your already reeling opponent with this punch, but be careful!

– The Bolo Punch… swing your arm ’round and ’round in a big arc to distract your opponent, then punch him with either hand.

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Boxing News: Tom Zbikowski Back to Football, Will Jack Johnson be Pardoned?, Andre Ward Signs Deals, Pacquaio Trainer Freddie Roach has own Show, Boxing Equip, Joseph Agbeko vs. Abner Mares Aug. 13, Boxing Equipment, Boxing Gear

Tom Zbikowski returns to football… The Baltimore Ravens safety pulled out of his June 4th match against Mike Howell and will be joining his teammates for some informal training. He’s returning to Baltimore to show his teammates he‘s serious about the 2011 season, but wishes he could do both.

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Andre Ward

Senator John McCain, of Arizona, and Rep. Peter King, of New York are looking for a presidential pardon for Jack Johnson, the   heavyweight champion. A similar resolution passed the senate and house of representatives in 2009, but President Obama did not act on it. Generally, they do not act on posthumous pardon requests.

Super middleweight titlist Andre Ward signed a multiyear promotional contract extension. He also re-signed with co-promoter Antonio Leonard and manager James Prince. The deals were finalized around a month ago, but were kept quiet on account that Ward was preparing to defend his 168 pound title against Arthur Abraham. Ward hasn’t lost a fight since he was a 12-year-old amateur!
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Joseph Agbeko

“On Freddie Roach” – a new six-episode unscripted primetime series to debut in early 2012 on HBO. It’s to focus on Roach and his daily life of working with fighters at his Wild Card Boxing Club, and his fight with Parkinson’s. Says Roach ”I am used to it… They have the keys to my house to get in.” “”It’s going to be my lift at home and mostly everything in the gym leading up to fights… Sometimes it gets overwhelming… I tell them to go home.” The show began filming about 10 days before the May 7th Pacquiao vs. Mosely. Freddie Roach, 51, is a native of Dedham, Massachusetts, was a longtime pro fighter. He recently received his third trainer of the year award – in a row.

Joseph Agbeko cleared for training – fight scheduled for August 13th. He thanked Abner Mares and Showtime for giving him time to recover.

We’ll be getting back to our boxing training in the next post – so check back!

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Boxer Bernard Hopkins Victorious, Marquez vs. Pacquiao?, Vikings’ turned Boxer Ray Edwards Wins, MMA Fighter Nick Diaz Withdraws, Quality Boxing Gear, Discount Boxing Equipment, Chad Dawson Defeats Adrian Diaconu… and More!

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Bernard Hopkins

Bernard Hopkins is now the oldest fighter to win a major world championship after defeating Jean Pascal… he was 46! The previous oldest winner was George Foreman at 45 years and 10 months. Hopkins (52-5-2) was, to be exact, 46 years, 4 months and 6 days. Jean Pascal is just a youngster, compared to Hopkins, as he’s in his 28th year. Hopkins stripped him of his WBC, IBO and The Ring magazine titles. This fight was actually a rematch, as their Dec. 18th fight was a draw.

 Marquez possibly to fight Pacquiao again. Pacquiao hasn’t officially agreed to the fight… more later.

 Football player Ray Edwards, of the Minnesota Vikings, won his pro boxing fight. The fight was short and sweet, ending in the 4th round after 2 knock downs. T.J. Gibson was the unlucky opponent. Edwards isn’t the only football player turned boxer. Tom Zbikowski is now 4-0 in his boxing career.

 Denis Lebedev knocked out Roy Jones Jr. in Moscow, in the 10th and final round.


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Chad Dawson

Chad Dawson defeats Adrian Diaconu. This victory, at the Bell Centre, is pivotal for Dawson… he’s earned a fight with Bernard Hopkins. This is Dawson’s first victory with his new Hall of Fame trainer Emanuel Steward. The taller, longer and quicker Dawson used those attributes to his advantage against Diaconu.

Nick Diaz will not box… According to his manager, Cesar Gracie, the team decided that Diaz’s options in MMA outweigh the attraction of switching over to boxing. If this were a couple months ago, it could have made all the difference. The MMA must be working out for Diaz…


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Boxing News… Miranda & Green Returning, Pavlik Victorious, Jorge Arce Beats Wilfredo Vazquez Jr., Boxing Punch – The Uppercut, Boxing Gear & Boxing Equipment

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Edison Miranda

Edison Miranda and Allan Green to return to the title scene. Miranda hasn’t fought since April, 2010 when he lost to Lucian Bute in the 3rd round and we don’t know yet who he’s going to fight in his scheduled 8 round battle. Green is to fight an 8-rounder as well, against Dhafir Smith… fights are to take place in the Super Six World Boxing Classic Semifinals June 4th, in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Miguel Angel “Mikey” Garcia passes up a world title fight with Billy Dib. Instead, he will be on HBO… deciding that a fight with Dib wouldn’t be too enjoyable for fans, even though Mikey would have enjoyed going for that title.

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Kelly Pavlik

After being out of the ring for 13 months, former middleweight champ Kelly Pavlik has returned to a victory over Alfonso Lopez last Saturday night. Fight took place in Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Pavlik was rusty, but was able to win by a majority decision.

Jorge Arce, (57-6-2, 44 knockouts) of Mexico, suffered an early knockdown against Puerto Rico’s Wilfredo Vazquez Jr., but came back to win in the 12th round, making Arce a three-division world titleholder. Vazquez took a beating before Tutico Zabala Jr., one of Vazquez’s cornermen and also his co-promoter, intervened.

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Jorge Arce

The Uppercut

This vertical, rising boxing punch aims for your opponent’s chin, and is thrown with your rear hand. Start with your knees slightly bent, rear leg being bent just a bit more that your lead leg. Keeping your elbows in, thrust your rear hand in an upward arc to connect with your opponent’s chin, etc. as you push up with your knees for more power. Transfer your weight from your rear foot to your lead foot, use your hips & torso (strong core muscles)… also, your rear heel turns outwards. You want to lift your opponent up – get him off-balance, and / or get his chin up for a good shot! Bury your chin, and guard it with your lead hand. Quickly bring your rear hand back to guard after your uppercut.


  • Rotate your hand
  • Don’t Reach – Stay Close and don’t aim too high
  • Use your upper body – drop your lead shoulder slightly & lean just a little. Don’t be too obvious, you want to surprise your opponent.

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Pacquiao Beat Mosley, David Haye Saga, Elite MMA Fighter vs. Boxer, Boxing News, Boxing Tips, The Boxing Hook…

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Pac-Man Defeats Mosley

Pacquiao easily beat “Sugar” Shane Mosley last Saturday… so the good, interesting fight wasn’t all that was hoped for. Shane Mosley kept himself from getting knocked out, while Pac-Man’s performance wasn’t too good, although adequate. Unfortunately, Manny was suffering from a cramp in his leg, which hampered him. Pacquiao took home $20 million, while Mosley isn’t suffering with his $5 million.

David Haye has vowed to show to us all that Wladimir Klitschko is a “fraud” in their fight on July 2nd. Klitschko and Haye will be splitting the money 50 / 50 and Klitschko adds that Haye will be getting a really big check… to be the 50th KO! So the saga continues… Haye is still digging that hole & Klitschko isn’t going to be happy if there is another cancellation.

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MMA Fighter Nick Diaz

Evander Holyfield won in the 10th round last Saturday night, with a TKO. Holyfield stated that it was a tough fight. Nielson disagreed with the TKO decision, and suggested a rematch, which Holyfield declined.

Nick Diaz to possibly box Jeff Lacy this fall. If this match happens, it’ll be the first “elite mixed martial artist vs. established boxer” fight.

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Jeff Lacy

The Boxing Hook

Knock your opponent out with this boxing punch! With your lead head, throw a semi-circular punch to smash into your unfortunate opponent’s head. Once again, use that rear hand to guard. Rotate your torso and hips to propel your fist in a tight arc to the target. Also, pivot your lead foot clockwise as well, turning your left heel outwards. Pull that lead had quickly back (important, as you are very vulnerable to a straight right), and weave / bob to help avoid your opponent’s return punch(es). A rip is a boxing hook to the body, instead of the head. The boxing hook can also be performed with the rear hand. Grab your boxing gear & equipment and start utilizing that punching bag!!

Mosley vs. Pacquiao, Boxing News, Boxing Gear, Straight Boxing Punch / Cross…

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Pacquiao vs. Mosley

Shane Mosley to Fight Pacquiao This Saturday, May 7th! Shane Mosley is still a good fighter, even at his age, and thinks he has a real shot at pulling an upset. Pac-Man is not taking him lightly. It’s expected to be a good, interesting fight! The 12 round fight will be at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas & Showtime pay-per-view @ 9 p.m. ET $54.95.

Timothy Bradley must agree to terms today if he’s going to fight fellow titleholder Amir Khan, otherwise Khan will move to another opponent, said Golden Boy’s Richard Schaefer, Khan’s promoter.

Evander Holyfield to fight Brian Nielsen in Copenhagen, Denmark this Saturday. Former heavyweight champion Holyfield wants to get a world championship lined up, by winning this fight. Holyfield is expected to win, but Nielson, who lastfought in 2002, promises it won’t be a walkover.

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Saul "Canelo" Alvarez

Boxing junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is scheduled to defend his title against Ryan Rhodes on June 18th. Alarez, 20, won the title on March 5th against Matthew Hatton, and earned the record of youngest man to win that title. The fight will be in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Boxing Straight Punch / Cross

This boxing punch is delivered by your rear hand, from the guard position, and utilizes your shoulders. Your lead hand guards your chin. For more power, be sure to incorporate your whole body. Rotating your body, and quickly transferring your body weight give this boxing punch its power. Be sure to quickly bring your rear hand back to guard yourself. You can counter a jab, counter a straight body punch, or set-up a hook with this punch. Following a jab, this straight boxing punch creates a classic “one-two” combo! Wear your hand wraps and boxing gloves while you perfect your straight punch on your punching bag.

Boxing Technique, Boxing Gear, Boxing Tip… The Jab!

In boxing, there are four basic punches:

  • The Jab
  • Straight Right/Left Hand
  • The Hook
  • The Uppercut

If you are right-handed, your right hand is your rear hand, and your left leads. With left-handed boxers (southpaw) the positions are opposite.

The Jab

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The lead fist is thrown straight forward from the guard position, rotating 90 degrees and is horizontal on impact (palm facing the ground). Your rear hand remains behind and is used to guard your jaw. As the punch reaches full extension, you can guard your chin with your lead shoulder. After you punch ’em, the lead hand is quickly brought back to guard your face. This punch is regarded as your most important punch. It supplies a bit of cover for itself and leaves the smallest amount of space for your opponent to counter punch you. It also has the biggest reach of any punch and doesn’t require big weight transfers or commitment.

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Better Protection with Above Eye Level Jab

Because of it’s relatively poor power, it’s often used to gauge distances, test an opponent defense, harass or as a set up for bigger and better punches. However, you can also knockout your opponent with a powerful jab!  With a half-step, you can get more power.  To get a powerful jab, you must use your whole body, not just your arm.

Wladimir Klitschko & Larry Holmes have been able to get some power into their jabs and can use them to wear down their opponents.  Muhammad Ali used the jab extensively.  In fact, a good boxer can win with just the jab!


  • When you throw your jab above eye level, you provide nice protection to your head.
  • Start with your fists relaxed, but clench your lead fist just before impact
  • Thrust your shoulder into the jab punch

So, get some boxing gloves, hand wraps, and a punching bag and start practicing your all-important jab!

Boxing News, History of Boxing… And More Boxing Stuff!

Vic Darchinyan Beats Yonnhy Perez


Video Courtesy of shosports

Vic Darchinyan and Yonnhy Perez’s fight was stopped in the 5th round due to a cut close to Perez’s eye.  The cut was a result of an accidental head butt and Darchinyan was declared winner, after consulting the scorecards.

Darchinyan (36-3-1, 27 & KO) totally dominated Perez (20-2-1, with 14 Knockouts) and won with 3 matching scorecards of 50-44.  He executed many severe lefts in his remarkable performance.

Dr. Paul Wallace terminated the fight quickly after examining the injury and said that Perez had suffered an arterial cut and that the blood was pumping directly into his eye.  However, Perez apparently did not want to stop.



Videos courtesy of claviculatyson1

Now, some Boxing History…

Boxing has it’s roots deep in history.  Sumerian relief carvings from the 3rd millennium BC depict bare-fist fighting, while 2nd millennium ancient Egyptian relief show

fist-fighters (also bare-fisted) and spectators.  The earliest evidence of fist fighting with any kind of gloves comes from Minoan Crete and Sardinia.

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 Homer’s Iliad features the first detailed chronicle of a boxing fight.  In 688 BC, boxing (called Pygme or Pygmachia) was first accepted as an Olympic sport.  Talk about an old sport!

As always… more later!  =)


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Mega Heavyweight Fight, More Boxing News, & Boxing Gear Sale!

Mega Heavyweight Fight to Take Place – Klitschko vs. Haye

Fight is scheduled to take place on July 2ndat the new, 55,000 seat, Hamburg Imtech Arena in Berlin, Germany, which is the home arena for the German Bundesligasoccer

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Wladimir Klitschko

club Hamburg SV. It’s expected to air on more than 150 TV stations around the world, either live or delayed.

Klitschko(35 years old, 55-3, with 49 knockouts) and Haye (30 years old, 25-1 and 23 Knockouts) have a bit of a feud going on, so this fight should be  interesting.

Klitschko is happy that he’ll finally be able to meet Haye in the ring, and declares that his abdominal injury has healed and won’t get in the way of his training.

Haye has always said he’d knock out Wladimir Klitschko, and then his brother Vitali to end his boxing career at a high point. Hayes also declares that Klitschko has “only fought wimps and cowards” and that he’ll show him what it’s like to fight a “real champion”. Hope he hasn’t stuck his foot in his mouth…. I guess we’ll find out on July 2nd, if all goes as planned.

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David Haye

  • Bantamweight title-holder Joseph Agbeko is out due to sciatica (set of symptoms cause by injury / irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve area.) and therefore is unable to defend his title against Abner Mares. It’s hoped that the bout will be re-scheduled.

  • Instead of the Agbeko-Mares fight, Perez (20-1-1, 14 Knockouts) and Darchinyan (35-3-1, 27 Knockouts) will take center stage.

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